Secure HTTPS ( Locally )

Almost every website you visited today is protected by HTTPS. If your site isn’t, then it should be. When you work locally it is not necessary to use HTTPS but is a good practice from my own experience, and using a secure HTTPS locally is as awesome as it gets. …continue reading


Parallels is a virtualization product that allows you to run Windows, MacOS, and Linux, side-by-side without the need to restart your computer or use different computers for your needs. You can convert an existing Boot Camp partition to a new Parallels Desktop virtual machine. Why Use Parallels Even if you …continue reading


This past few days has been a great because of what I have done with the Sandbox environment that I have created to be use for WordPress development. Today, I bring you some neat features and a new provider that I will be sharing with you all. What is Sandbox …continue reading

Welcome to the New You

Welcome to the new you where this is the beginning of something new. As of right now, I will be managing couple of sites and will be described below. What to Expect from this site What I expect from this site is to have some kind general information about what …continue reading