Dedicated Server

In recent years, I have been using a dedicated server for hosting my sites for, and other sites that are not related in any way. As an IT guy and a server administrator ( hobbyist ). I have learned so much throughout the years of owning a dedicated server even if I could have done all this using a cheaper server running basic configurations using Digital Ocean ( VPS ).

This Server

Mainly, I would have configured everything manually, but it would have taken me hours to configured everything but instead of using WHM cPanel which cost a grip of money, I decided to shop around if I can find something cheap or even free open source project that allows me to use some kind of control panel and eventually I found Virtualmin. Virtualmin is an open-source project that installs onto a clean server and installs everything you need to begin by installing Apache, MySQL, PHP and other great neat features that comes with. Oh, before I forget, here are the actual hardware specifications that I am currently running at an affordable price and the price was a bargain.

  • Intel Xeon E3-1230
  • 16GB of RAM
  • 512GB ( SSD )
  • 1TB ( Hard Drive )
  • 3 Dedicated IP ( One useable )


The price for this dedicated server has been quite promising due to the fact I have to complain years ago about lack of customer service, but at the end of having from the server is at $99/month, I eventually got SSD + Hard Drive included for $73.50/month rather than $99/month. Is pretty much a price steal but is it overkill for something I am using for, pretty much but if you even decide to scale up a VPS, it eventually will add up. In reality, I’m still under contract for another 5 months or so and I haven’t really decided if I am planning on keeping it, but we’ll see.

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