Intel NUC

A few years back I had purchased an Intel NUC, a mini PC that allows you to save the workspace and mount the system at the back of a monitor which works very very well. One neat piece of hardware.

But one drawback with this unit is the CPU processor which didn’t really care much because at first, I was using it to do some web developing, little graphic here and there which it didn’t need to much power for the stuff I mainly do every day, but at the end, I should have bought something little powerful rather than the one I currently have.


  • Dual Core
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 2TB Hard Drive

So what I have been doing with this unit now. Well, since the beginning, I was just using it as a regular desktop but in the end, as the years went by and it is getting a little slow, I decided to turn the unit into a server and use it for a file server and docker which doesn’t take much. This way, it allows me to continue to use the unit for other productive reasons.

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