Let’s Encrypt with Wildcards

I recently discovered Wildcards with Let’s Encrypt, it was something that I was waiting for a while, now that wild cards for let’s encrypt finally available. Here I will show/tell you how to generate your own wild cards for your domain instead of using their single generate certificates. I will(more…)

My Own Dedicated Server

In the past few years now, I have been using a dedicated server at Advanced Internet Technologies because it was cheaper than what I have seen over the years and why I chosen Advanced Internet Technologies over companies such as Digital Ocean or Linode. So let me explain what kind(more…)

Welcome to the New You

It has been quite some time since I updated this site, well actually, I’ve kept this domain for some time and I couldn’t figure what to do with it. So this year, I wanted to use this domain as my portfolio and tutorials and other stuff that I have learned(more…)