Throughout the years of having VPS and a dedicated server, I have probably tested different control panels for varies operating systems that deals with servers. I still remember back in the days when Windows Server was something I was looking forward too because I knew how things work and where to find problems and to fix them.

Windows Server 2012 R2

When using Windows Server 2012 with and, I found out many things that can be done was fascinating until things to fall apart, but not really. When I first started, I eventually installed everything manually then I found WebsitePanel for Windows Server which is now called mainly focuses on Windows Hosting and Cloud Computing for free if you have less than 300 users which weren’t bad at all.

I had to figure out how to use Let’s Encrypt and configured each time when an SSL certificate was about to expire, it wasn’t an easy task. I was mainly using it for WordPress and E-Mail but nothing else. In the end, Windows Server was great but it wasn’t until I came upon on using Linux and man, it was great to be moved away from Windows Server, but I would still use it whenever I can.

CentOS 7

Using Linux has been promising and it has been great ever since. When I started using CentOS 7, I was using WHM/cPanel at first and it was easy to learn and it had pretty good documentations but man, it was slightly expensive because it had an extra monthly subscription and I think the price went up even more.

While I was looking for alternative such as Plesk which also had a monthly subscription, I wanted to find something that was free and open source. Likely, someone told me about Virtualmin, an open-source control panel made specifically for Linux and I have been using it since.

Virtualmin to me is pretty much very powerful and easy to setup. I have also managed to get a second server to act pretty much a DNS cluster which allows me to use the second server if my main server is down or whatnot but it has been useful ever since.

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