Deploying with Git

Introduction When you are working with Git, the general workflow is use some kind of version control that helps you deploy a site in the this case. You have a local repository where you work and a remote repository where you keep everything in sync, but you can use Git(more…)


In the past few weeks or so I have managed to create my own vagrant/virtualbox that I can use without the need to use third party software and I’ve learned so much already. Based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and it works flawlessly.

Linux OS

In the recent days or so, I’ve been using Elementary OS more than Windows or MacOS, I also started using POP! OS, just to try it out and see the what exactly it is. After using POP! OS on VirtualBox and figure out if the things I do can make(more…)

VirtualBox with Vagrant

It has been two weeks since I’ve updated the site with a post but here we are again. In this past two weeks or so, I have been building up a WordPress Development environment that allows me to use on varies of different operating systems such as Linux (Elementary OS),(more…)

Installing Git

Git has been one of the baddest tools I have used for the last few years and it got me to use it everyday since I started learning on to how to us Git a version control software that does everything for you. There are two ways that you can(more…)

VirtualBox – Ubuntu LAMP Stack

Ever since I started to learn to new ways to achieve a LAMP stack environment. I have been testing different environments/workstations to achieve the same thing and it got me thinking. What if instead of using 3rd party developments such as XAMPP, WAMPP or even one of my favorites, VVV(more…)