Why Use Child Themes

As I begin working with WordPress, I haven’t really thought of using Child themes myself at first because I feel back then child themes were not as great as I was hoping but as the years went on, I finally found why using a child themes are best practice if ( continue reading… )

GitHub Pages

I recently learned Jekyll, a fantastic static generator that’s designed for building minimal static blogs, portfolio to be hosted on GitHub Pages. The simplicity of Jekyll’s theming layout and writing workflow is fantastic when you want something simple and no database to deal with. What is Jekyll? Jekyll is a ( continue reading… )


Recently this week, I have been learning Gatsby from Linkedin Learning, an online class where you can learn everything and anything you want. I have been looking at different alternative framework so that I have alternatives if I get bored using one or another. GatsbyJS GatsyJS is another static site ( continue reading… )

WP 4 Docker

In 2019, I became interested in using Docker when Windows 10 introduced Windows Linux Subsystem 2 and eventually started building my own local development based on Windows 10 WSL2 and Docker aka WP 4 Docker WP 4 Docker is a local environment that works with Windows, Linux, and macOS with ( continue reading… )

ClassicPress Support

While I have been supporting and maintaining WordPress since 2014 and becoming a Theme Reviewer for the WordPress Theme Team. I am for sure I can say is that I now support ClassicPress Amicable I have fully intended to create a ClassicPress theme when ClassicPress was first introduced but I ( continue reading… )

Happy New Year

As the year comes to the closed, I have decided to do a clean slate when it comes to this site, because I have been bouncing back and forth and figuring out what’s the best approach to display my portfolio. I used to host my portfolio over at the main ( continue reading… )