Parallels is a virtualization product that allows you to run Windows, MacOS, and Linux, side-by-side without the need to restart your computer or use different computers for your needs. You can convert an existing Boot Camp partition to a new Parallels Desktop virtual machine.

Why Use Parallels

Even if you can use other software such as VirtualBox, but since Parallels is $79.99/year for home edition which gives you limitations but works the way it is intended.

What I like about Parallels and I started using it for a year now or so is that you can install Windows 10 and have it run coherence mode which makes the Windows invisible while using its applications.

The most important to why I use this now is that you can use Parallels with Vagrant but you will need to an upgrade or buy a new at $99.99/year or $49.99 for upgrade.


Over the weekend, I have managed to setup my Sandbox to support Parallels as well as Microsoft Hyper-V. I feel like it works as it should. I think when I am on my Mac, I will try and use Parallels from now on.

To get started with Sandbox with Vagrant/Parallels, you will need to download the plugins for Parallels for Vagrant

vagrant plugin install vagrant-parallels

This will install parallels support on MacOS and you can download the project, and head to sandbox-setup.yml and uncomment provider to support parallels

provider: parallels

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